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Mission Statement

The Navotas Charity Foundation (NCF) is a non-profit charitable trust that is sanctioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Republic of Korea. Its primary mission is the funding of education and educational opportunities to impoverished students of Navotas, located within metropolitan Manila in the Phillipines.

Navotas is the poorest quarter of the city, historically stricken by inadequate housing, high unemployment and some of the poorest living conditions in the world. Despite Manila's pre-eminence as one of the crown jewels of Asian economic development, these conditions, exacerbated by unrelenting population pressure, persist today. The dreams of its children can never be nourished in the face of such hardship without a helping hand. We strive to be that helping hand, and with your support, we can foster hope in these most desperate circumstances.

We firmly believe that the unique solution to this cycle of poverty, in the long run, is the investment in human capital and education, as guided by the example of Korea itself, which, under the auspices of just such a policy, transformed itself into an engine of modernity within a generation.

With that in mind, the mission of the foundation is the support of charitable educational organizations operating within Navotas itself. We at the foundation feel certain this investment is worthy, not only as an act of charitable giving, but also as an investment that promises extraordinary returns, considering the fact that college tuition in the Phillipines costs as little as $30 per quarter.

We hope that our efforts can be a catalyst for change in Navotas, and we make these contributions not only on behalf of the beneficiaries themselves, but on behalf of the poverty stricken environs in which these children suffer. Our objective is to prime an educated class of citizens in Navotas, capable of reinvesting their energies and newfound expertise in their own community, that it may thrive well beyond the bounds of our direct contributions. In our commitment to this cause, members and supporters of this charitable trust have expressed ineffable joy not only in the act of charity and of providing a powerful, lifelong gift to the beneficiaries of our foundation, but also in the knowledge that we establish a legacy of giving that will enrich every generation that follows. It is our sincere hope that you too may share in this joy and help sustain this legacy.

The total amount of your merciful donation will be delivered to the beneficiary through the help of Sister of Our Lady of Perpetual Help (http://www.solph.or.kr/) without administrative costs, as the administration of the organization operates on a volunteer basis. Of course, donation and assistance records will be provided as public documentation through this website or Email(ilovenavotas@naver.com), updated every quarter, in addition to freely available year-end receipts for tax deductions.